Commercial Ad

This is a fun and short little commercial ad that uses steel drums, various hand percussion instruments, and flute for this commercial. This project, using Adobe Premiere Pro CC and other software, was completed November 29, 2018 for Just A Little Beachy located in Sanibel, Florida.




I highly recommend that you check out these Websites that belong to the owner, especially if you’re a fan of the beach.

Go on over and “Like” their Facebook business page at

Also, visit their business Website and consider a gift for yourself or someone you like at



Sousa Foundation Documentary

Completed in December of 2017, “National Programs & Projects of The John Philip Sousa Foundation” is a documentary short that examines the various awards promoted and presented by The John Philip Sousa Foundation. The awards are presented to exceptionally significant bands found in middle school, junior high school, high school, university, military, and adult community bands.

Sousa Foundation Movie Poster
Publicity Poster

This film premiered in Chicago at the Mid-West International Band & Orchestra Clinic in December 20, 2017. Not for theatrical release, it is shown to instrumental music educators at state, regional, and national music education conventions.

The film was produced and directed by Deborah Bradley, narrated by Gene Fender, with original music composed by Richard McLendon (also the film editor). This color film was created using Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018.

Runtime: less than 20 minutes

Aspect Ratio: 1080i(HDTV) (HD 1080p)