After teaching instrumental music for 34 years and arranging for ensembles that he taught and for other groups, Richard McLendon turned his focus toward composing and orchestrating music for film, TV, video games, advertising, and other media projects. His philosophy as a composer is defined as being a flexible collaborator by composing music that is evocative and satisfies the film director’s story and vision.

As of June 2018, McLendon is collaborating on a new and original musical by signing a 5-year Non Disclosure Agreement.

His latest film project was a non-theatrical release for The John Philip Sousa Foundation. Completed in December of 2017, “National Programs & Projects of The John Philip Sousa Foundation” is a documentary short that examines the various awards promoted and presented by the foundation. The awards are presented to exceptionally significant bands found in middle school, junior high school, high school, university, military, and adult community bands.

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Music touches us emotionally and our emotions stimulate our memories.  When that music is combined with pictures or film, it can create a unique, powerful, and at times an unforgettable experience.”

– Dr. Richard McLendon

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