Your Unsolicited Advice NOT Wanted

Your Unsolicited Advice NOT Wanted


*This is not posted as an invitation into political debate or for receiving your unsolicited advice.

** Advice = “This is what I think you should do.”    Opinion = “This is what I think.”

I am always amazed at the audacity of unsolicited advice from people; those I know very, very well and those that I know. It is amazing at how well-meaning they are in their mind and how disrespectful they appear to me. These so-called “experts” must have a crystal ball. They would be far more productive if they would work for a government or a large agency to end world problems. Small-minded people believe their rules of thinking and accomplishment will work for everyone because “they know best,” “I have a right…,” and “based on my experiences.” If I choose to compose music for film, TV, videogames, enhancing the meal times for zoo animals, or two turtles that tango, that is my decision. Not yours.

Unsolicited advice is a downer, causes stress, and tends to alienate me. Some people think they are helping and some people just don’t think. In my view it is a total lack of respect for my space and validity as an adult. Your advice is nothing compared to someone that has been in the actual trenches related to my interests and goals. I can learn volumes from someone that has really “been there; done that.” That’s called respecting those that have gone before me. Unless you’ve done that, your opinions, your advice, your “experiences” are a waste of your breath and my time. I will quietly change my opinion of you and it is not for the better.

The only person that I will listen to unsolicited advice from is my mom. With that being said, she knows my temperament and I will still make my own choices and choose my own pathway of action. If I choose to ask for your advice, I have now allowed you to give me your best input; however, the choice of action I will choose to take is mine.

Take your advice, your drama, your desire to be a dominating force and move on. See! I said that nicely. I have told my students in the past multiple times that, “I already know what I’m going to do today. I have already made my decisions on how I will handle my business before I came to work. The question is what are you going to do?” Isn’t it shocking that adults in today’s world and in this country don’t think before they speak?

For more info check out this attached article.


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