The Importance of a Quality Speaker System

Remember, the better the speakers, the
• More dynamic range, or simply the ability to play louder without sounding like trash as you crank the volume.
• Better bass. That doesn’t mean louder, “but better.” It’s more melodic, and not muddy—you can actually hear individual notes, an upright acoustic bass being plucked.
• “A very natural timbre.” Timbre is the “tone color” or how natural the sound is—if you played the voice of someone you know on a speaker with excellent timbre, it would sound exactly like them. Or if two different instruments play the same note, you’d be able to tell them apart very easily and cleanly.

I point this out only to emphasize the importance of having a quality speaker system and/or headphones. You’ll miss so much of the music since the frequency range of 20Hz to 20,000Hz (20kHz) is the range of typical human hearing (If you spent a lot of your adolescence in a rock band, in a disco, with the volume cranked up through your earbuds, and/or in a loud marching band, then your hearing is now probably squat.) In addition, the quality of an mp3 file (256 kbps) is far inferior to what you get on a CD (1,411 kbps), for instance. So as you can see, a lot of musical information is tossed out when converting to an mp3 file format.

Check out the interactive chart on instrument frequencies.…/freq…/main_display.htm

Let me know what you think.

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